File exclusions

Some SFTP clients create temporary files. For example, WinSCP has a resume/transfer setting that creates a temporary file with a .filepart extension. Other SFTP clients might use a different extension like .tmp. You want to avoid uploading these temporary files to S3.

SFTP Gateway has a setting that ignores a list of file extensions.

Edit the global properties file:

vi /home/ec2-user/.sftpgateway/

The following line is included by default (you’ll need to add the line manually if upgrading from v1.003.1 and earlier):


You can ignore additional file extensions using a comma-separated list:


Note: Do not include the period (i.e. don’t do this: sftpgateway.fileexclusions=.filepart,.tmp)

With the above setting, SFTP Gateway will skip the processing of files such as test.csv.filepart and file.txt.tmp.