As of September 5th, 2017, running sudo yum update on the SFTP Gateway server causes certain features to break.

In order to fix these issues, please follow the steps below.

  1. Download zip from our public S3 bucket...

    [ec2-user@ip-172-xxx-xxx-xxx ~]$ wget

  2. Extract the sftpgw application...

    [ec2-user@ip-172-xxx-xxx-xxx ~]$ unzip sftpgw

  3. Run the sftpgw application to update...

    [ec2-user@ip-172-xxx-xxx-xxx ~]$ sudo ./sftpgw update

  4. Clean up local directory. New application binaries will be installed in /usr/local/bin.

    [ec2-user@ip-172-xxx-xxx-xxx ~]$ rm -f sftpgw

Your server should be fully functional again. If any issues persist, please contact us at