How to generate an SSH key pair

End users can generate their own key pair for connecting to SFTP Gateway. These users can supply you with the public key, without having to disclose their private key.

Run this command from a Mac or Linux terminal:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C robtest.key -f robtest.key -q -N ""

This will generate two files:

  • robtest.key: This is the private key. The user should store this in a safe place, since it will later be used for authentication.
  • This is the public key. The user should provide this so that you can grant the user access to SFTP Gateway.

Here's an explanation of the command line arguments:

  • -t rsa: Specifies RSA as the type of key. By default, 2048 bits are used.
  • -C robtest.key: This is just a comment.
  • -f robtest.key: This is the file name.
  • -q: Quiet mode suppresses command line output.
  • -N "": Defines a new passphrase, which happens to be blank.